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  • IncubusCamd all versions

    incubusCamd_0.55 yeni versiyon

    04/01/2009, V0.55
    - fixed some little bugs on DGStations api interface
    - added multi descrambling support for DGStations HD original firmwares (PIP, timeshift, recording channels, second tuner support)
    - added version sigma to be used with AzBox HD
    I've been noticed about many peoples not able to view some channels, don't forget to edit your prio file. Editing that file will give you the ability to chose the right pid wich the cam should be select (if you will not edit it, the cam will use the first pid and then try to use other pids, but this will take much more time to be able to see something)

    paylaşım olayı gene yok
    cccam ve gbox eklenebilecek server sayısı 1
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    IncubusCamd 0.75 beta

    12/03/1956, V0.75
    - fixed auto-reconnection on servers
    - fixed multi-server connections
    - fixed many bugs on memory that caused cam's crashes
    - fixed timeshift
    - fixed audio change selection wich cause the stop of video/audio on original dgs firmware

    GBOX protocol still not fully supported (i can't test it but i think it shouldn't work in this version)
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      Incubus camd 0.80

      - added caids tunneling (check the config file to know how to set them, used for example with PremiereHD card on betacrypt)
      - fixed cryptoworks provider id recognition
      - gbox protocol multiserver added
      - newcamd fixes for multiserver
      - radegast fixes for multiserver
      - aroureos fixes for multiserver
      - added test version of internal emu (see config file to know how to enable it)
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        incubuscamd 0.82

        05/05/1821, V0.82
        - second try fixing caids tunneling (with PremiereHD card on betacrypt, i can't test it so, i don't know if it works or not)
        - first try fixing caid 0603 (same as premierehd, i can't test it, please report if it works or not)
        - fixed long ecm bugs
        - full support for cccam 2.1.0 protocol
        - many minor fixes for stability (hope this version will be better than last one)
        KNOWN BUG: sometimes with the timeshift option enabled you can occur problems during standby or channel change,
        so you need to restart the cam
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          Konu: incubuscamd 0.82

          ilk mesaja eklediğim cfg dosyasını kullanıyorum ama sorun yaşamadım yaklaşık 48 saattir camı resetlemedim hala kanallar açık
          eğer serveriniz sağlamsa çalışması gerekir birde dosyalar linux ortamında çalıştığı için windowsta açılıp kaydedince format değişikliği nedeni ile sorun yaratıyor olabilir
          tüm değişiklikleri cihaz içersinde yapın
          eklediğim cfg dosyasını kullanabilirsiniz
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            IncubusCamd v0.83

            21/05/2009, V0.83
            - fixed caid tunneling for premierehd on betacrypt over cccam
            - fixed bug for caid 0603 over cccam
            - fixed tv vlandeeren bug over cccam
            - compatibility with cccam 2.1.1

            karşıdan CCcam 2.1.1 olarak görünüyor ve dışarı paylaşım vermiyor
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              IncubusCamd 0.85

              17/06/2009, V0.85
              - deleted old priority system for caid, now will be used firstly the prio and then a cycle selection
              - SID in hex value instead of dec one
              - fixed some bugs on caid ecm parsing
              - fixes for stability/less-crashes (crashes were made by the pmt handling, using pmt file wich the writes is slower than the channel change,
              now should be fixed in almost all cases)
              - still open the 2.1.1 protocol support and previous version
              - fixed a bug on reading ***s for the internal emulator, now also unsupported softcam.*** files are skipped in the unknown fields
              (read the softcam.*** file to see how to build a new one)
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                21/06/2009, V0.86
                - fixed one more bug for better stability and speed
                - support for enigma 1 on cuberevo (use .sh4_e2 version)
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                  incubusCamd 087

                  - fixed a bug on channel change stability
                  - fixed a bug on ecm cache
                  - support for caid 0603 on JSC sport channels
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                    incubusCamd V0.88

                    09/07/2009 V0.88
                    - fixed another bug on irdeto channels
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                      Konu: incubusCamd v0.89 LAST VERCION HERE

                      incubusCamd V0.89
                      WARNING: config file is changed a bit, now is less difficult for stupid people to configure it (i hope) and many features
                      are added but not completed yet
                      - added camd33 protocol
                      - added camd35 protocol
                      - added possibility to define .prio and SoftCam.*** file directories
                      - added a check on multi istances of running incubusCamd to prevent errors (i read that many people start many times
                      the cam and this will crash connections to servers)
                      - fixed cccam 2.1.2 support for check on protocol version
                      - now you can set priority for each provider/caid combination, by selecting if you prefer the cam will check firstly
                      internal emulator, card share protocol or internal card reader (not yet implemented the card reader function, it-s a future plan)
                      check the "check_priority" option in the config file
                      - now you can set card share protocol priority, check the "cs_protocol_order" option in the config file
                      - changed a bit the configuration file to allow you to set all protocols data inside the [Servers] section, check the config file to know more
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                        Konu: incubusCamd v0.89 LAST VERCION HERE

                        05/08/2009, V0.90
                        - fixed the bug for caid/provider selection for protocols
                        - optimized a little bit more the protocol selection (lot of improvements)
                        - added console server interface (you can log by telnet, check the config file: console_logs_broadcast, console_logs_broadcast_port)
                        - added more infos for current server and info like that, in file /tmp/
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                          Konu: incubusCamd v0.90 LAST VERCION HERE


                          10/08/2009, V0.91

                          - fixed a bug on caid tunneling
                          - fixed a bug when a cw with same old value arrives
                          - added web interface (the config writer could have some bugs, it is not 100% tested)
                          - added log of ecm pid selected
                          - added timeout check on server connection (no more blocking if a fail server is given)
                          - fixed a check on multi-istances
                          - added on_screen_messages_ecm and on_screen_messages_emm (emm are disabled, so now is useless), pay attention,
                          it will pop-up a message on the screen each time an ecm decrypted successfully arrives
                          - if no more protocol or priority type will be selected (check_priority, cs_protocol_order) nothing will be used by default,
                          check the config file for more examples and infos
                          - added possibility to set priority/ignore on ecm pid (check the incubusCamd.prio file for more infos/examples)
                          - fixed a bug with emu given by cccam protocol servers
                          - fixed a bug on reading ***s from SoftCam.*** file (also added possibility to use char ; or # for comments)
                          - now all emulators codifies should be ok, i can't test them all, so report if something is wrong (do not forget to use the SoftCam.*** edited
                          like the one attached in the release pack, because it's not like others softcam.*** files)
                          - fixed a bug on reading config files, wich do not delete spaces ' ' when found
                          No EMMs are supported yet, so do not hope in that, emms will be implemented in a future version
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                            Konu: IncubusCamd all versions

                            10/08/2009, V0.92
                            - solved once for all bugs with spaces and comments in config files
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                              Konu: IncubusCamd all versions

                              IncubusCamd V0.93

                              06/09/2009 V0.93
                              - fixed ecm pid debug log for b ıss encryption
                              - fixed a bug on filters (more stability)
                              - add seca2/seca3 handler (i suggest to use it only on providers wich uses both seca2 and seca3 with same provid value,
                              like TVVlandeeren and Canal Digitaal)
                              - fixed bug on reading prio/ignore
                              - updated web interface
                              - newcamd and radegast are now managed in a better way, no more connecting/disconnecting is done if no server
                              is disconnected before (or the connection would be broken)
                              - fixed a bug wich will not find card on cccam protocol if multi provider (like seca2/seca3 pids) are declared with the same values
                              - added emm management (it works only with newcamd servers wich use the EMM in the config line, do not forget to enable also
                              "process_emms_on_cs_mode" and your emm-g/s/u blocker options)
                              - fixed some bugs with timeshift using original dgs based firmwares (if you find more bugs report them as usually)
                              - fixed some bugs with PIP using original dgs based firmwares (if you find more bugs report them as usually)
                              EMM for internal emu will be enabled when testers will report emm are working ok with almost all codifies.
                              Do not forget this is a beta version so it could be some EMM will not work as expected, but i can't test every codify
                              in the world and every smart card for each provider, so... you know, just report what works and what does not!
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