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HELP!! JokerCam Probs

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  • HELP!! JokerCam Probs

    Goldmaster Elektronik  Goldmaster tablet 
    is there any programs out there i can use to reinstate my Jokercam using my LAPTOP.

    I have updated wrong somehow and now i get..Insert Smartcard 1.

    I have tried the erase method also, no luck.

    Each card i put in it states BADSMARTCARD..

    Any help Please..

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    Konu: HELP!! JokerCam Probs

    Hi dear Salih .as i know u cann't do anything with ur laptop.u just reinstate ur module only with Fun Cards.if the cam has problem u must load Erase file on a FUN4 card .this is Solution when the CAM has the problem to finalise correctly the download .i think it's better u reinstate ur cam with FUN 5 because all the CAM sw fit onto the Fun5.
    best regards


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      Konu: HELP!! JokerCam Probs

      Thanks m8.I am sure that ozkan very happy due to he has you.
      Many tahanks indeed.
      Best Regards.


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        Konu: HELP!! JokerCam Probs

        u too dear friend .u r kind.thanks


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